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ICIDM 2018 - Keynote 1

Current and Future Trends of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

Prof. Andrew Y C Nee

Department of Mechanical Engineering

National University of Singapore



Manufacturing has evolved from manual operations with mechanically driven tools and machines to computer-integrated and sensor-controlled autonomous equipment. This presentation looks at some of the factors that have changed manufacturing in the recent 30 years. Several prominent and emerging areas of development such as virtual and augmented reality applications, industrial internet of things (IIoT), artificial intelligence of things (AIoT), cloud and ubiquitous manufacturing, big data analytics and Industry 4.0, digital twin are highlighted among other IT-intensive technologies.


Andrew Y C Nee, a full professor at NUS since 1989, received his PhD and DEng from Manchester and UMIST and is a pioneering leader in manufacturing research and education. Currently, he serves on 20 editorial boards of refereed journals in the field of manufacturing. He is Editor-in-Chief of Springer’s longstanding International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology and Associate Editor-in-Chief of Advances in Manufacturing. He has published over 400 papers in peer-reviewed international journals, 250 papers in conference proceedings and has authored and edited 19 books (mostly Springer) and 25 book chapters. He has graduated 49 PhD and 47 Masters by research. He has received over 12920 GS citations and an H-Index of 60 (October 2018)

He holds honorary professorship from Tianjin, BUAA, NUAA, Shanghai, and HUST. He is Fellow of SME (1990), Fellow of CIRP (1990), and Fellow of Academy of Engineering Singapore (2012). In 2012, he served as the President of CIRP, the International Academy for Production Engineering. Some of the major international awards he received include: SME Gold Medal (2014), IEEE Kayamori Award (1999), IJPR Norman A Dudley Award (2003), IMechE Joseph Whitworth Prize (2009), SME Outstanding Young Manufacturing Engineer Award (1982).

ICIDM 2018 - Keynote 2

Innovation Ideas and Solutions in Different Areas of Engineering

Prof. Leonid Alekseevich Ivanov

Russian Academy of Engineering

Russian Federation


On the 1st of December 2017, the cooperation agreement between Wuhan University of Technology (China) and Russian Academy of Engineering (Russia) was signed.

The scope of the agreement is:

- to study issues of scientific and technical cooperation between Russia and China, process aimed at development of creative abilities of scientists and engineers, training of talented young specialists;

- to establish International Joint Research Institute on Automation, Production, Management, Material Science and Technologies;

- to perform joint research projects related to the objects of common interest;

- to hold scientific and technological workshops, specialized conferences, symposia and other types of academic events considering mutual benefits, to maintain cooperation between institutes and research groups belonging to both parties to outline the future areas for cooperation.

To perform the Agreement the scientists and specialists of Russian Academy of Engineering jointly with the partners have been elaborated the materials on innovation ideas and solutions in different areas of engineering:

- Center of ion-proton therapy of oncological diseases on the basis of superconducting technologies;

- Technologies Based on Combustion in Superadiabatic Regimes;

- Intellectual automated bulk material loading control system;

- The influence of honey bees on ecology improvement and biological balance maintenance. Protection of bees.

- Information support of creation and application of nanotechnological products in construction and communal services and other.

According to the experts of the Russian Academy of Engineering the resented projects can be performed within the frames of the International joint research institute on automation, production, management, material science and technology.


Professor Ivanov is the Vice president and Chief Scientific Secretary of Russian Academy of Engineering, Guest Professor of Wuhan University of Technology (China) and Member of the International Federation of Journalists. He took an active part as an Honorary Chair at the International Conference on Industrial Informatics – Computing Technology, Intelligent Technology, Industrial Information Integration (Wuhan, China) in 2016 and 2017. He received international awards for his outstanding contribution to the development of science and technology. He actively worked on the preparation of a cooperation Agreement between the Russian Academy of Engineering and Wuhan University of Technology (China).

ICIDM 2018 - Keynote 3

How Digital Twin Can Help in Predictive Maintenance

Prof. Lihui Wang

KTH Royal Institute of Technology



This talk will first present the current status and the latest advancement of CPS in manufacturing in general and digital twin in particular. In order to understand CPS and its future potential in manufacturing, definitions and characteristics of CPS will be explained and compared with the digital twin concept. This talk will then review the historical development of prognosis theories and techniques, and project their future growth enabled by the emerging digital twin technology. Research and applications will also be outlined to highlight the latest advancement in the field. While digital twin shows great promise in predictive maintenance, challenges towards Internet-of-Everything in the areas of future trends remain to be identified.


Lihui Wang is a Professor at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden. His research interests are focused on cyber-physical systems, digital twin, predictive maintenance, real-time monitoring and control, and human-robot collaborations. Professor Wang is Editor-in-Chief of Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing. He has published 8 books and authored in excess of 450 scientific publications. Professor Wang is a Fellow of CIRP, SME and ASME, a Board Director of North American Manufacturing Research Institution of SME, and a registered Professional Engineer in Canada.

ICIDM 2018 - Keynote 4

Digital Hybrid Forming Manufacturing Technology of Without Pattern Casting for Complex Metal Parts

Prof. Shan Zhongde

State Key Laboratory of Advanced Forming Technology and Equipment

China Academy of Machinery Science and Technology



Complex castings such as engine cylinder block and head, sand casting process needs many sets of wood or metal patterns with long time and high costs for single piece or small batch quantity production. To deal with the limitation of a single or small scale production, A kind of multi-material and multi-process hybrid patternless casting forming method was put forward, realizing the transform from mold casting to patternless casting, which is a major innovative development of foundry technology. Hybrid forming method with sand mould flexible extruding and cutting/printing technology has been researched. The mathematical model of sand mould cavity surface discretization is established innovatively in order to meet the precision requirements of near-net forming sand mold. Digital sand mould flexible extrusion machine, digital sand machining forming machine and sand cutting & printing machine have been developed. Many kinds casting parts such as cast steel, cast iron, aluminum and other materials can be fabricated by this method. Hybrid manufacturing is digital rapid green & smart casting technology with high efficiency high precision, flexible production of complex metal components.In the future advanced efficient and intelligent casting equipment,digital and intelligent casting production line, digital green & smart casting workshop or factory will be develop for small-volume and customized intelligent casting manufacturing system & intelligent service.


Professor Shan Zhongde, Ph.D. Candidate Supervisor. Vice President of China Academy of Machinery Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd. Director of state key lab of advanced forming technology & equipment of China. He is a recipient of National Outstanding Youth Fund,vice general president of China Association of Machinery Manufacturing Technology, Fellow of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society, Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology of UK. Guest Professor, POSTECH of South Korea, et al. Graduated from Department of Mechanical Engineering, Tsinghua University in 2002, then he studied in CARDIFF University of UK as a visiting scholar.

He has long been engaged in the research of Advanced Manufacturing Technology and Equipment for the Mechanical Industry. More than 40 state-level key projects have been finished. He has issued 4 books and more than 100 papers on core journals or at the international conferences. More than 80 invention patents including in 32 international patents were authorized. Many awards and honorary titles of the scientific research national and provincial-level incentives were won, such as The First Prize of National prize for progress in science and technology, The Second Prize of National Technology Invention Award, The First Prize of Science and Technology Award in Green Manufacturing, and so on. More than 10 pieces developed technology and equipment have been applied in mechanical industry.

ICIDM 2018 - Keynote 5

State-of-the-Art of Augmented Reality Ubiquitous Manufacturing Research

Associate Professor ONG Soh Khim

Department of Mechanical Engineering

National University of Singapore



In the past ten years, ubiquitous manufacturing (UM) has received a growing amount of attention among researchers in the manufacturing community, because ubiquitous computing technologies (UCTs) can be applied to address a wide range of issues in the manufacturing industry, e.g., manufacturing processes and equipment, manufacturing management and planning, etc. This talk provides a comprehensive and critical review from a holistic view of the state-of-the-art UM and its systems. This talk aims to provide a concise overview of the technical features, characteristics and broad range of applications of UM systems. As a very popular and promising topic, the Augmented Reality (AR) enhanced UM systems are discussed specifically. The current limitation factors and future trends of UM development will also be discussed.


SK Ong lectures at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, National University of Singapore, and her research interests are virtual and augmented reality applications in manufacturing, ubiquitous manufacturing, assistive technology and rehabilitation engineering. She has completed the supervision of 26 PhD students and has published 6 books and 350 journal and conference papers. She is well known both internationally and nationally. She has received many accolades, including the 2004 Eugene Merchant Outstanding Young Manufacturing Engineer Award from the US Society of Manufacturing Engineers and the 2009 Emerging Leaders Award in Academia from the US Society for Women Engineers. She is elected a Fellow of the International Academy for Production Engineering CIRP in August 2012. She received the 2004 Singapore Youth Award, 2013 Singapore Youth Award Medal of Commendation, and the Great Women of Our Time Award 2015. She served as a Nominated Member of the Singapore Parliament from 02/02/2005 to 19/04/2006.

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